Visions With A Challenge
2010 | 6 shooting day
Agency: Naumann Film
Naumann Film realised the corporate film based on their own story concept at 12 locations in Germany and Denmark: From the 12 miles long Storebælt Bridge a road trip commences via Hamburg?s harbour, through the Frankfurt high-rise city centre, passed solar energy collectors in Franconia to Munich.
The film was shot on the new ARRI camera ALEXA, currently the best HD camera with cine-look. Producer Klaus Naumann acted also as director and director of photography. The project was post-produced entirely in-house at Naumann Film.
1st Prize "Best Corporate Image Film", Corporate Video Contest, Moskow 2012
1st Prize Golden Reel, MCA-I Awards, Wisconsin 2011
1st Prize Platinum, WorldFest, Houston 2011
1st Prize Gold, WorldMediaFestival, Hamburg 2011
1st "Best Visual Direction", Corporate Media 2011
2nd Prize, Corporate Media 2011
2nd Silver ITVA Festival Cologne 2011
3rd Prize Bronze World Medal, The New York Festivals 2011
3rd Prize Intercom Chicago 2011
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