Lufthansa Cargo
Networking the World
2 shooting days
Agency: WOB
In summer 2012, NAUMANN FILM shot the new corporate film "Networking the World" for the international logistics company LUFTHANSA CARGO. At the Frankfurt airport, director and cameraman Klaus Naumann and his team filmed atmospheric scenes and detailed procedures, closely working together with the advertising agency WOB and countless employees of LUFTHANSA CARGO and FraPort. The film was shot on the high-definition camera Sony F65 in 4k resolution ? provided by Band Pro Munich. NAUMANN FILM also conducted the entire post-production in-house in 4k. The film premiered successfully at the global executives conference in Seeheim on September 19 - in collaboration with Big Cinema Leipzig. "Networking the World" already won two major awards at an international festival.
1st Prize Galaxy Awards, New York 2014
1st Prize Golden Eagle Award, CINE Washington D.C. 2013
1st Prize Gold, WorldMediaFestival Hamburg 2013
1st Prize Master of Excellence, Corporate Media 2012
1st Prize Best Camera, Corporate Media 2012
1st Prize Best Camera, Cinematography, The Accolade Kalifornien 2013
2nd Prize Gold, WorldFest Houston 2014
2nd Prize Silver, MerComm Questar Award New York 2014
2nd Prize Silver, MerComm Galaxy Award New York 2014
Finalist "Best Camera" Golden Award, Montreux 2015
Finalist "Best Corporate Film" Golden Award, Montreux 2015
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