7 shooting days
Agentur: InterOne
Director / DoP Klaus Naumann shot on the Red Epic in 4k resolution. The entire post-production (editing, compositing, CGI animations) is currently conducted in-house at Naumann Film.
1st Prize "Golden Eagle Award" - CINE, Washington D.C. 2013
1st Prize "Award of Excellence" - The Accolades, California 2013
1st Prize Gold - WorldMediaFestival, Hamburg 2013
1st Prize Gold - WorldFest-Houston, 2014
2nd Prize Silver - MCA-I Festival, Madison/Wisconsin 2014
2nd Prize Silver - Cannes Corporate Festival, 2013
2nd Prize "Award of Master" - Corporate Media, 2013
3rd Prize Bronze - ITVA Festival 2014
Finalist - New York Festivals, 2014
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