2 shooting days
Agency: Norman Rosenke Werbeagentur
Naumann Film has just finished a new TV spot calling for young talents to be trained as an electronics technician ? a film commissioned by the trade guild of electronics that is compiled of 75.000 contractor businesses.

Director and director of photography Klaus Naumann staged the shoot in front of FC Bayern?s football stadium; a story with surprising twists and turns. Acting advertising agency was Norman Rosenke Werbeagentur. The film was captured by the ARRI Alexa in cinema HD quality.

The postproduction was conducted in-house by Naumann Film in full HD resolution.
The film successfully premiered in Stuttgart at the end of September.
1st Prize "Best Director", Corporate Media 2013
1st Prize Platinum, WorldFest Houston 2014
1st Prize Gold, Intercom Chicago 2014
1st Prize Gold MerComm Questar Award New York 2014
1st Prize Gold, WorldMediaFestival Hamburg 2014
1st Prize Award of Excellence, The IndieFest, San Diego 2014
1st Prize Master of Excellence, Corporate Media 2013
2ndPrize Silver, ITVA Festival 2014
3rd Prize Bronze, Mercomm Mercury 2014
3rd Prize Bronze, US International Film & Video Festival 2015
Finalist, New York Festivals 2014
Shortlist, CLIO Image, New York 2014
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